Friday, March 1, 2013


Puede que esta sea mi ultima foto de morena entera… #sue #suenameen #brunette #gyaru #gaijingal #gaijingyaru #gal #girl #selfi #me #cl #lashes #makeup


in need of makeup advice

1. eyebrows
Gyarus usually have very faint eyebrows. Try a lighter, ashy colored brow powder.

2. lips
Your lip color should be much lighter. Gyarus usually wear light pink, peach, or nude colors on their lips. Don't forget to top it off with a gloss!

3. contour/highlight your nose
Contouring and highlighting the nose gives the appearance of a thinner nose and higher bridge. Knowing how to properly counter/highlight your nose is a must for any gyaru.

5. cheeks
Always apply blush, bronzer, and a highlight to your cheeks! Using these three in combination with slim the face and accentuate the cheek bones.

find the full gyaru makeup tutorial here

Good luck Sue! We hope to you take our suggestions and post more pictures so we can do a before and after. Remember: practice makes perfect!




in need of makeup, fashion, and hair help

1. contouring
Make sure you contour your nose & the hollows of your cheeks! It will slim down your face while giving a more 3D effect.

2. highlighting
Highlighting your nose and the tops of your cheeks will intensify the effects of your contouring.

3. apply a pink or peach blush
Pink and peach compliment any skin tone. They will brighten up the face and give it a more 3D effect. Always make sure to apply your blush in upward strokes for an instant face lift.

5. eyelashes
You want to go for thicker eyelashes than you're using.

The ones in the middle are similar to the ones this gal is wearing.

5. lips
Gyarus wear lighter lip colors like pink, nude, or peach almost always topped off with a shiny gloss.

6. eyeliner
Don't wing your eyeliner out so much.

7. eyeshadow
Avoid colored eyeshadows! Go for neutral colors (browns, greys, blacks).

8. hair
Most gyarus have long hair. Wigs and hair extensions are a quick way to get long hair, already styled. Watch the frizz! Straightening your hair can eliminate frizz.

9. fashion
 Start off simply! Make sure you have a good pair of denim shorts. Denim shorts are a staple for any gyaru, they can be dressed up or down. If you focus of your hair & makeup you'll look like a gyaru even in shorts and a t-shirt!

Good luck Thabasa! If you take our suggestions please post pictures so we can do a before and after post with you.